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Do you have what it takes to survive?

Molly’s Playground is a multiplayer game that puts players in situations that force and encourage them to rely on their sinful tendencies in order to survive the 7 circles of hell in the game; Lust, Gluttony, Greed,  Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. Players can betray, manipulate, steal, sacrifice, or even fight one another, all with the goal of being the last standing no matter the cost.

Sloth: The act of carelessness, unwillingness to act, half-hearted effort, and becoming easily discouraged by any possible difficulty.

Wrath: The uncontrolled feelings of anger, rage, and even hatred.

Pride: An excessive belief in one’s abilities, desire to excel everyone else, and refusal to admit the superiority of any other being.

Greed: The inordinate or insatiable longing for material gain, such as money, power, or status.

Lust: An overwhelmingly uncontrolled desire for sexual pleasure.

Gluttony: The over-indulgence or lack of self-restraint in food and drinks.

Envy: The desire for another person’s status or rewards, and wanting to prevent the other person from having it.


Game Preview

  • Project Manager

  • Programmer

  • Programmer

  • Researcher

  • 3D Modeler & 2D Artist

  • UI/UX Designer

  • 3D Modeler

  • 2D Artist

  • 3D Modeler

  • 2D Artist

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